About Verbal Communication

verbal-communication.com is powered by an ever expanding group of business owners in the sales and marketing industry with over 100 years combined experience. Our goal is to create and teach best business practice for all people in sales, leadership, business ownership and support roles. The flexibility and freedom of working for ourselves are incredibly empowering. The interactions, idea exchanges and the personal accountability to development our skills and the skills of others are made more accessible through verbal-communiation.com.
Our contributors are a diverse group of marketing professionals. Hear their stories and you’ll see how varied the backgrounds and experiences are. From one man shows to global superpowers, fresh starters to 20-year veterans in the sales and marketing industry.

Regan Vick
CEO – Chief Enthusiasm Officer
At 21 years of age and after 5 months in the sales and marketing industry Regan started his first business. Over the past decade, Regan has expanded his business throughout Australia, New Zealand & into the USA. His experience is vast and verbal-communication.com is the perfect platform to share his experience with other sales and marketing professionals.

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