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Leaders Meeting 13: Team Identity


Create A team wall.  Have a central location for your team to feel proud about.  Run your team meetings and refer to your team wall and use info on team wall to backup message.

Info on team wall:

  • Goals – short, mid and long term (have dates, stats and visuals)
  • Team news and events
  • PB Wall
  • Weekly goals tracker
  • Leadership tracker
  • Pictures of team/goals
  • Team logos
  • Bulletins
  • This wall can be on verbal-communication.com or Facebook



Create a team identity so your team can identify your team and make it stand out to other teams

“Your brand is you and the perception your people have of you”

By having a team brand and identity you will recruit and retain people who feel apart of something.

How to build a brand:

*Team Logo

*Team Wall

*Team Goal Sheets

*Team newsletter

*Leaders books

*Team name on bulletin

*Promote your goals

*Team chant

*Activities and competitions



Create a team identity, build your brand.

Report back to the team your action points.

May 11, 2017

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