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Leaders Meeting 14: Team Activities & Competitions


Run team activities with team members to build a business and personal relationships.

  • Don’t always pay for the activities
  • Mornings or evenings
  • Invite special guests to your team activities (team leaders/AO/owners from other offices)
  • Invite partners along to team activities
  • Invite full team or do invitation only team activities
  • Have an activity (don’t just go to the pub and drink)
  • Have a competition to win free, half price or invitation to team activates


Team activities ideas:

* Team breakfast

*Pool comp

*Trivia night

*Ten pin bowling

*Lawn bowls

*Boot camp

*Beach visits


*Live sports matches

*Sports match @ pub

*Poker comp


*Indoor Sports

*Go Karting





Run team competitions to motivate your team towards achieving goals. Anytime you run a competition for your team focus on an area the team needs improved performance. E.G If your team has a low sales avg you may run a comp for the first/most $100 sales today/this week.

Team competitions ideas:

*Team Olympics

*Knock out comp

*Team growth


*Head to head




*Small business product

*Small cash incentive

*First beer / food

*Bragging rights

* Trophies

*Pie comp




Create and run a team activity report back to the team what activity and the success from it.

May 11, 2017

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