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Leaders Meeting 30: Overcoming the Fear of Sales

For many people, just the thought of sales evokes terror and fear. Many business owners and salespeople have experienced some type of fear relating to sales or the sales process and typically, it’s a “fear of rejection”.

There are far too many people who are not achieving their sales targets, Kpi’s or personal goals simply because they are allowing their fear to take over. When you learn to overcome this fear, back yourself and give it a go, you will be more successful. This success will inspire you to keep trying it again and again and again.

It’s also interesting to note that rarely, does the negative feeling or fear come true. For example, many people are afraid that if they ‘upsell’ (which is such a simple and effective way to increase sales) they may lose the sale. If it does, it would be extremely rare. The customer has already decided to purchase, so isn’t it simply good customer service to ensure they have everything they need?

Another fear that regularly pops up is asking questions. Just about everyone in sales knows that great questioning helps to overcome objections and progress the sale. However, many people don’t ask good, probing questions because they are afraid the prospect or customer might give them a negative answer or will feel like they are prying or being too pushy (when all you’re really doing is building a complete picture and understanding of their situation). It’s much better to know about these things during the sales process so you can do something about it, rather than finding out right at the end when it might be too late.

So what can you do to overcome fear in sales? There is no magic answer or quick fix that will work for everyone but there is one thing that will absolutely make a difference.

Push your fears or concerns aside and just try

when you try, being realistic in your expectations as it may take you several attempts before you begin to get better.

Here are a couple of other suggestions that you might like to try:

  1. Identify (and write down) the negative thoughts that come to mind when you have to do what you fear most.
  2. Identify your underlying beliefs you have of yourself and the situation? For example, do you think you are bothering people and they will get annoyed when you call?
  3. Give yourself positive reinforcement before each presentation
  4. Celebrate small achievements
  5. Have fun and embrace your failures



Write down the negative thoughts that come to mind while in the field, add a positive action to each of the thoughts asd they come to mind. Show your list to the group

July 31, 2017

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